Clear the Lobby
by Sebastian Salek

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Hey team.

The week begins with another Opposition Day.

Labour has scheduled two debates: one on Grenfell-style cladding, which ties in with an amendment they've proposed to the Fire Safety Bill, and another on Covid border security.

The government has been whipping MPs to abstain on these votes lately, so watch to see if they do the same here.

A lot of the big bills are in the Lords.

This week they look at the Domestic Abuse Bill, Trade Bill, and National Security and Investment Bill. Lots of ping-ponging there, with peers adding or removing clauses that aren't to the taste of MPs.

Probably the most interesting bill in the Commons is about unmanned aircraft.

Cast your mind back to December 2018, when a drone was causing havoc at Gatwick Airport. MPs debate a law which, among many other things, gives police more powers in those situations.

Until next week. In the meantime, feel free to tweet me, or just reply to this email.

Sebastian (@sebastiansalek)

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No votes scheduled


Local Welfare Assistance Provision (Review) Bill
Requires the government to review welfare assistance schemes provided by local authorities. Ten minute rule motion presented by Paul Maynard.

Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill - 2nd reading
Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland (part)
This bill broadly does three things: (1) gives the government powers to ensure airports take part in an ongoing modernisation of the UK's flightpaths (participation is currently voluntary); (2) updates the regulatory framework for air traffic licensing, following a 2016 consultation that found the current system needed revamping; and (3) gives police powers to tackle unmanned aircraft (e.g. drones), including downing them and issuing fines for certain offences. Started in the Lords.
Draft bill (PDF) / Lords Library briefing


Air Quality Bill - 2nd reading
Introduces provisions to improve air quality. Ten minute rule motion presented by Theresa Villiers.


No votes scheduled


No votes scheduled

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  • Football (Regulation) Bill - goes to 2nd reading
  • Ministerial Interests (Emergency Powers) Bill - goes to 2nd reading
  • Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill - goes back to Lords
  • Medicines and Medical Devices Bill - goes back to Lords


Click here to read details of the bills in last week's newsletter.

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