Clear the Lobby
by Sebastian Salek

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Hey team.

There'll be one more Lib Dem in the House than last week.

The party stormed to victory in the Chesham and Amersham by-election.

The win will prompt soul-searching for both the Tories, who lost the seat, and Labour, who suffered their worst by-election result ever.

Labour's appeal to the Blue Wall starts with Monday's Opposition Day.

The party has tabled a debate on local involvement in planning decisions, a big issue in Chesham and Amersham.

But they've also got one on the future of the steel industry, highlighting the balancing act of reaching out to Red Wall voters as well.

And what a fitting time for Edwin Poots to resign as DUP leader.

One of the week's big government bills is aimed at stability in Northern Ireland. Remember, there was no executive there between 2017-2020.

With the additional pressures of Brexit, the Westminster government will be extra keen to make sure someone's in the driving seat.

Until next week. In the meantime, feel free to tweet me, or just reply to this email.

Sebastian (@sebastiansalek)

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No votes scheduled


Northern Ireland (Ministers, Elections and Petitions of Concern) Bill - 2nd reading
Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
A bill aimed at preventing Northern Ireland from being left without a devolved government for an extended period, like in 2017-2020. Extends the time limits for appointing ministers in the Northern Ireland government after an election, and replacing the First Minister or their deputy if they leave office (e.g. a resignation). Allows ministers to stay in office for up to 24 weeks after an election if their replacements haven't been appointed, or up to 48 weeks if the First Minister of their deputy leaves office. Also tightens the criteria for triggering a Petition of Concern (a mechanism used to pass motions with cross-party support rather than a majority).
Draft bill (PDF) / Commons Library briefing


Armed Forces Bill - committee stage
Applies to: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
Renews the Armed Forces Act 2006, which provides the legal basis for the existence of the Armed Forces, and expires at the end of this year. Makes some changes to the service justice system (the Army's disciplinary code). Creates a new independent body to oversee complaints about the Service Police. Further incorporates the Armed Forces Covenant (an understanding that those serving will be treated fairly) into law.
Draft bill (PDF) / Commons Library briefing


No votes scheduled


No votes scheduled

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  • National Insurance Contributions Bill - goes to committee stage


  • Rating (Coronavirus) and Directors Disqualification (Dissolved Companies) Bill - moved to next week

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