Clear the Lobby
by Sebastian Salek

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Hey team.

Lawmaking starts again with the Queen's Speech out the way.

New bills hitting the Commons floor this week include a crackdown on protest tactics used by groups like Extinction Rebellion and Insultate Britain, and an attempt to investigate unsolved killings during the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Meanwhile, the Sue Gray report looms.

Barring any challenges, it could be published this week, breathing new life into partygate. Watch out for an urgent question on the subject.

Plenty going on in committees, too.

Probably the most interesting is Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng and the current and former heads of Ofgem getting a grilling on Tuesday about energy prices.

Until next week. In the meantime, feel free to tweet me, or just reply to this email.

Sebastian (@sebastiansalek)

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Public Order Bill - 2nd reading
Applies to: England, Wales
Creates a range of new criminal offences to crack down on groups like Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain. The offences include "locking on" (causing disruption by chaining or gluing yourself to something), which is punishable by up to six months in prison. Also extends police stop and search powers, and introduces a court order to ban repeat offenders from going to certain places, meeting certain people, or doing certain things.
Draft bill (PDF) / Commons Library briefing


Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill - 2nd reading
Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Aims to deal with legacy issues of the Northern Ireland Troubles. Creates an Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR) to conduct investigations into deaths and serious injuries during the Troubles. Introduces an scheme for those who cooperate with the ICRIR. Commissions a programme of memorialisation work, including an oral history initiative.
Draft bill (PDF)


Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill - report stage and 3rd reading
Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Introduces regulation to make smart devices (like smart TVs and speakers) more secure against cyber attacks. Aims to speed up the rollout of mobile, full-fibre and gigabit-capable networks across the UK.
Draft bill (PDF)


No votes scheduled


No votes scheduled

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